Our Services


Kitchen Remodeling

Inspired by Scandinavian lifestyle, we have passion for remodelling kitchen in minimalistic Scandinavian style, whether the kitchens are in Hong Kong, Scandinavia or Canada.  

Furniture Assembly

Furniture assembly of IKEA products is our specialty, as a result of implementing numerous home-remodelling projects for decades  in Scandinavia and making full use of nordic carpentry and prestigious IKEA products.


Wardrobe with
Sliding Doors

Space is scarcity for many homes. Standard wardrobes with sliding doors is a good solution. Customized wardrobe with sliding doors is an even better solution for space saving and organizing.

Walk in Closet

Walk-in closets are dreams for many, especially ladies. Let us realize your dreams by making a well functioned closet with plenty spaces for storing and organizing your clothes, adding value to your home. 

Wall Top Cabinet

Wall top cabinets provides extra spaces for storage or display, in kitchen, living room, study room, you name it.

But to mount a wall top cabinet is not easy for some DIY home owners. Let us professionals to do the instalment for you.

Our Expertise

Cabinet Alteration

From time to time, a standard IKEA cabinet must be altered to suit the specific need of your home. We are one of the few handymen who have the skill and experience to do it. ​

Modern Ceiling

Modern or sometimes called false ceilings, are not only used to hide floor and roof construction, but also to make your home an impressive appearance to reflect your life style and taste. ​

In-Wall Cabinet

In-wall shelves are customized not only to maximize storage space in almost any room of your home, but also an awesome design that make your home distinctive.

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