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Mak & Pop Shop is a handyman service unit owned and operated by BonValue Canada Limited.  We specialize in remodelling your home with IKEA products: kitchen, wardrobe, walk-in closet, washroom, laundry, study room, living room, to name a few

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Marcus A. Mak

B.Sc., P. Eng & PMP

Marcus, aka Mak, is a civil engineer, graduated from the University of Toronto.

Inherited from his pop-Kelly, Mak has a passion for DIY home remodelling. He is very keen on developing smart home facilities. Together with his father, he has modernized and refurbished his own home substantially. 

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Kelly Mak


Pop Kelly has been a general contractor for more than three decades for home remodelling in Sweden, China, HK, Canada and particularly Norway wherein he and his employees under his mentorship has been assembling more than a thousand of IKEA products in numerous projects, making full use of enriched local carpentry and exclusive design  from Scandinavia.


Remarkably, he has long experience of altering IKEA kitchen cabinets to adapt to the specific need.


He can be considered an expert in assembling and altering IKEA products. 

     In addition to his career, his passion is also related to home remodelling. Together with his son Mak, the father and son har DIY a lot of remodelling like built-in shelves, staircase, basement-, washroom-makeover, to name a few.



Ken Mak
BA, MBA & Cert (law)

Uncle Ken is a business consultant.         
Besides his present career, he is the manager for running  Mak & Pop Shop.
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